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What's the news with the Mathcad 14 release?

Mathcad 14 is the first release of Mathcad from PTC, since acquiring the product range. Key highlights include adding to the international support, as well as improving the overall engineering calculation ability. Plus, Mathcad 14 can be fully integrated with both Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill. Find out more about the latest product launch, by reading the Mathcad 14 FAQs



What are the advantages for users?

The improvements which are part of the Mathcad 14 release will help users to enhance their productivity. The enhanced international support, including improved provisions for language support and resources, will better allow organisations to operate in the international marketplace. The additional features improve calculation abilities and increase clarity in reporting, assisting organisations in improving their collation and sharing of data. This also enhances their abilities to reuse essential engineering intellectual property as part of their product development processes.

Additionally, the full integration between Mathcad-Pro/ENGINEER allows users to forecast design performance, utilising CAD model dimensions and parameters directly from the data in Mathcad, use dimensions and parameters from Pro/ENGINEER as part of subsequent engineering calculations, and updating the CAD models and related Mathcad worksheet when the parameters alter. This enhances design work, decreases the number of errors cause by transferring data between different applications, and optimises time usage by decreasing the total iterations necessary to improve a design.

Plus, the Mathcad-Windchill integration improves the overall management of essential data within Mathcad worksheets. Users are able to access, check-in and check-out worksheets from the Mathcad user interface (UI) in addition to Windchill UI. With Windchill, all the different versions of a specific worksheet can be saved accessed from a secure, central location. Mathcad data in Windchill can be easily searched and quickly distributed across an organisation, in a variety of standard document formats. Windchill is also able to monitor all the dependencies shared between Mathcad worksheets and Pro/ENGINEER data, enhancing overall data capture and IP management.



What are the additional features?

A common Mathcad 14 FAQ concerns the additional features that are to be added to the Mathcad range. The key additions are as follows:

International Support

  • Accessible in 9 different languages: English, French, German, and Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
  • Complete support for Unicode, to enhance international collaboration and document data
  • Completely localised resources- Quickly gain access to help and support in the 9 different languages available

Improved Calculation Strength

  • Enhanced Symbolics- Utilising the enhances ability to produce more design and collate intellectual property
  • Enhanced calculation Solvers-Accelerate your ability to solve ordinary differential equations
  • Worksheet Evaluation-Analyse worksheets against each other with more speed and efficiency
  • Inline Numeric Evaluation-Improved collation of all equations and results
  • Document and Plot Formatting-Enhanced graphs, with improved and verification and validation processes for design work
  • Fully integrated with Pro/ENGINEER-Utilise the previous integration to formulate design behaviours, decrease designing time and enhance overall documentation processes
  • Integration with Windchill‚ÄĒMonitor Mathcad worksheets more efficiently by utilising Windchill to enhance management processes, workplace collaboration and product development. Utilise more of the combined abilities of Mathcad and Windchill product ranges through integration of Windchill with Mathcad 14.0 as well as Windchill 9.1 or Windchill ProductPoint 1.1
  • Increased capabilities for currency symbols, allowing users to make use of a wide set of different currency units and enhance the reporting quality for engineering cost and economic analysis
  • New maths font allows users to personalise and enhance the provision of maths expressions and operators (such as Greek characters, arrows, letter symbols, math operators), all while improving the overall quality of worksheets



Is Mathcad 14 available in other languages apart from English?

Yes, in addition to English Mathcad 14 will be available in French, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Italian, Spanish, and Korean.



What are the precise product release details?

The current release details are as follows: Mathcad 14.0 M030 is due March 2009 and Mathcad 14.0 M035 is expected in June 2009.



What is the compatibility between Mathcad and Windchill?

A common Mathcad 14 FAQ concerns compatibility with Windchill products. Currently, Mathcad 14.0 M030 can be integrated with with Windchill 9.1 M010. Mathcad 14.0 M035 will also be usable with Windchill ProductPoint 1.1.



How can I purchase Mathcad?

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