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What is Onshape?

Simultaneous editing, built-in collaboration tools and real-time design reviews allow teams to explore multiple design iterations in parallel and instantly share product specs and design changes with partners. Discover more about Onshape's capabilities in this short explainer video. 

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Hear from our customers

Listen to some one-to-one interviews with real Onshape users. Learn how after just 3 months of trialling the OnShape product our customers didn't want to go back.

A Customer's Opinion: Cutsforth

Cutsforth innovate products for the power industry, learn how Onshape revolutionised the way they work in this short overview video.

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A customer's opinion: hirebotics

Hirebotics build industrial robots for companies all over the US. For Hirebotics Onshape isn't just a tool, it's a platform that they're building their business on. 

A customer's opinion: synapse product development

Synapse create both consumer and industrial products, anything from small accessories like watches all the way up to industrial imaging systems. Find out how Onshape has helped their teams to collaborate on physical product designs. 

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