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CAD Calculations with Mathcad 15.0

Mathcad 15.0 is the second Mathcad release from PTC. It advances on the capabilities of Mathcad 14.0, improving the engineering Mathcad CAD calculation capabilities. It is the most practical version of Mathcad available, assisting engineering to achieve the best designs and product development. Mathcad 15.0 encourages improvements in productivity, through collaboration and enhancements to processes.

Find out for yourself all the latest CAD calculations features and functionalities by getting a free trial of Mathcad now.



Key features & benefits of Mathcad calculations

  • Decrease the time and the cost of experimenting through Design of Experiment (DoE). Understand the different variable which will have the most influence on the experiment. DoE also assists in identifying critical factors and optimal settings for a complex process. It supplies the structure for less, yet more intelligent experiments which are invaluable when testing multiple variables.
  • Mathcad CAD calculations allows easy communication of values across applications and the organisation, without any reduction in quantity or integrity of the number. Results can be shared across an organisation and the original meaning remains constant
  • Decrease time and effort used on analysis by providing functions and templates using Mathcad-based documented workflows. This will enhance evaluations and the overall value of experimental data and simulation results
  • Full integration with pre-existing software platforms, for example Creo. Also compatible with Windchill products, allowing for enhanced control over essential design data and information. 






PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1