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Enablement Services – 3 Steps to success

To make sure your company's key objectives and goals are met, you need to ensure 3 key areas are working as efficiently as possible. Technology, Processes, and People. If any one of these areas is underperforming the whole design process could be compromised.

Concurrent Engineering has a series of sessions and seminars that will ensure your procedures are current and being followed, your software is set up in the best way for your requirements, and that your users are aware of the correct tools and features to get the job done in an efficient robust way. 


Process Technology

-Enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff are the key ingredient to a successful company.

- Invest in good staff, invest in their training, invest in your success.

- Don’t rely on internal training, techniques and tools evolve every year.

- Perform an annual review of staff training requirements.

-  How do you induct new team members?


- Do your engineers have a sound process to follow?

- When did you last review your Drawing office procedures?

- Are your engineers following the process?

- Is your process is hard to follow or outdated?

- Is your process still fit for purpose?

- How much is still paper-based?

- Do you wait to be notified verbally or via email of progress on a project? 

- Are you using the best tools to get the work completed?

- Is your software set up in the most efficient way?

- When did you last update to use the latest version of your design software?

- How much time did you waste performing/waiting for IT functions?

- Is your technology supporting your process?


Our Enablement Services

Quick Start Service

The quick-start service ensures you get up and running with your chosen software as quickly and smoothly as possible. Let us share our vast experience with you and your IT team. We will install and set up the software to help maximise the use of your investment as quickly as possible.

  • Install Creo software.
  • Discuss and set up Creo to suit company standards.
  • Set up Drawing templates and Model templates.
  • Set library and standard part locations.
  • Set up User Interface.
  • Tips and advice on any ongoing maintenance.
  • Introduce support and resources available to your team.
  • Educate your CAD Admin during the process or sit back and let us complete the implementation.technology

Skills Assessment

Ensuring all of your engineers have the same high level of skills drastically improves productivity. Having differing skill sets in your team can hinder the collaboration capabilities of engineers. Ensure all have the skills required via this skills assessment. We will interview each engineer to fully understand work requirements, review existing work, then provide recommendations on training required.

  • Do your Creo users have the correct skills?
  • Can models produced be easily modified by others?
  • Is there one engineer considered the ‘Guru’ why not the whole team?
  • Is there a ‘weak’ link in your team?
  • Encourage a common way of working across your teampeople


Creo/Onshape Best Practice Design

You may have been using Creo/Onshape for a number of years,  but are you sure your engineers are using the best tools and features to produce designs in the quickest, most robust way? This session reviews your current methods and guides and advises on best practices for your industry.

  • A look at the settings and features that improves user experience
  • Guidance on speeding up reuse of designs within your design team
  • Review of current Design & Detailing methods
  • Review of the assembly environment to ensure maximum performanceprocesspeople


CAD Admin Day (IT or end user)

Your design department performance and efficiency has a knock on effect to the efficiency of the whole company. If your design team are struggling on an inefficient set up, it is going to have knock on effect on the delivery of a project.

This CAD Admin Day steps you through everything you need to know to maintain the software, suggest hardware setup recommendations and look at key user environment settings.

  • A review of hardware and drivers in use
  • What, how and when to update
  • Standardise user settings to ensure consistency
  • Report on where the licences are in use
  • Guidance on best locations and management for Libraries and standard parts technologypeople


Creo Annual Update Day

Utilise our team of experienced engineers to install your Creo software to ensure effortless transition on to the latest version of Creo. Reduce the time spent on these less familiar IT tasks and minimize the down time for your business.

  • Get the most out of your investment by updating each year and benefit from new tools and performance enhancements.
  • Use out vast knowledge of installing Creo to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of Creo
  • Add the ‘Creo Annual Update Day’ to your subscription renewal for discounted annual price
  • Install or Upgrade to your chosen version of Creo
  • Ensure current settings and configuration is carried forwardtechnology


Creo What’s New Update (Creo 3.0 - Current)

With so much technology added to Creo over the years it’s sometimes easy to overlook features that came into the software a few years ago, we take a look at past and present. This session will look at all enhancements relating to your level of Creo to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

  • Speed Enhancements for the user interface
  • Sketching, Multi body and Modelling Enhancements
  • Design Validation, Performance Development in the assembly environment
  • New features added over past releases
  • Great new productivity tools added; Creo Simulation Live, Generative Design technology


Design Process Review

Your company has invested in Creo software and training, but are your engineers producing the designs in the most efficient way? Could the final designs be produced quicker? What are the bottle necks?  Is everyone getting the information they need when they need it?

In this interview style session, we speak with your engineers to understand exactly what needs to be achieved with Creo suite. This allows us to understanding your design process from start to finish. We will then document the findings for you to review.  A number of small changes to your process can drastically reduce the overall time to market.

  • A detailed report on efficiency of the design team.
  • Do your users have awareness of the features and processes required to get the job done in the best way?
  • Challenge the way Creo is being used within your company ensuring you get the most out of the software.
  • Tips and advice allowing you to speed up the design process.
  • Assess time spent on mandraulic tasks where automation is possible.process


Product Awareness Sessions

The evolution of the traditional CAD software is accelerating faster than ever before. Great new features, tools and enhancements are being added constantly. All added to improve, your experience, reduce your time to market and improve your customers satisfaction.

This session demonstrates all of the functions available in your current software, ensuring you are maximising your investment, then branches out into what could be achieved with the full suite.

  • Maximise the use of current investment
  • Ensure engineers are designing with the best tools
  • Keep abreast of software developments technology


Hardware Health Check

This session reports on the hardware you are using to run Creo, offering advice to optimise its setup and making recommendations where it falls short. The report provides a great reference if you are planning on upgrading your current machines. 

  • Graphics card optimisation.
  • Review of hardware spec.
  • Review Creo options for performance.
  • Assess suitability for specific tasks like Simulation or Rendering technology