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ProductPoint - product development collaboration

Social Product Development & Multi-CAD Support for Enhanced Product Development Collaboration

By extending the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint—an industry-leading solution for simple, file-based collaboration—to enable the sharing of CAD and other structured data among teams, Windchill ProductPoint greatly enhances product development processes.

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In essence, Windchill ProductPoint exemplifies social product development: Namely, the convergence of Microsoft's social computing initiative—the utilization of social networking technologies and associated Web 2.0 services for business-related purposes—and product development activities.

The result? A heightened degree of collaboration, productivity and effectiveness in the use and leveraging of CAD data across organisations.

Employing Microsoft SharePoint as a foundation, Windchill ProductPoint offers vaulting, sharing, visualizing and mark-up capabilities for product data through its support for multiple CAD authoring applications—a powerful functionality that yields significant benefits. In addition, the synergy between Windchill ProductPoint and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 renders possible the Web 2.0 two-way/community-structured communication benefits that are inherent in social product development, via tools such as toaster pop-up notifications, presence detection, model notes wikis and collaboration spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Social product development capabilities, whereby social computing and associated Web 2.0 technologies are extended to the product development arena.
  • Enhanced CAD data sharing, CAD vaulting, CAD file management and work group collaboration through multi-CAD support, including support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, AutoCAD and Mathcad.
  • Management and versioning of CAD data offers advantages over network drive-based storage systems and FTP sites, thus enabling effective concurrent engineering.
  • Minimal learning curve, due to familiar Microsoft environment
    Inherits the easy and fast deployment characteristics of SharePoint.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Complements existing implementations of Windchill product lifecycle management solutions