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What’s new in Product Data Management?

Modern Product Data Management (PDM) is about streamlining data management, making it easier for users to find, create and share files with little training or implementation. This way, businesses can benefit from PDM as quickly and easily as possible, meaning that they’ll see an uplift in their ROI in the short term.

A variety of new Windchill extensions drive this quick and easy implementation and ensure that businesses feel the benefits, regardless of their size or company goals.



Windchill PDMLink assists companies in managing and sharing a variety of product data in many critical processes. Through its web-based access, users can get hold of whatever materials they need whenever they need them, including multiple mechanical and electrical CAD applications, embedded software tools and ERP systems. Product development processes can be controlled and automated, and new products can be developed through powerful configuration tools. Also, by integrating with a variety of programmes, PDMLink can be easily adapted into most data management systems.


With its simple set-up process, PDM Essentials and eBOM quickly provide users with centralised and efficient control over their documents. Not only does it secure their CAD models, structures and relationships, it also can manage Microsoft Office documents and product structures with individual parts for any given product. Users can also search through the documents quickly and easily, automatically publish viewable and share design aspects with even non-CAD consumers, easily and securely.


The transfer of engineered models to manufacturing involves technological processes to determine how the models will eventually be manufactured. Making sure that the process plan, bill of materials and work instructions match the design is a challenge. Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) can work alongside the engineering process to streamline this process and reduce inefficiencies. Using Windchill MPMLink means that engineers can manage their plan deliverables alongside the design and therefore keep all of the information centrally alongside the engineered design.


Alongside Windchill PDMLink, Windchill PartsLink will help users to organise internal part design libraries that can be accessed through the web for comparison and reuse. By having part designs close at hand, companies can prevent expensive and inefficient part duplication or number proliferation by easily locating and reusing existing and working parts.


Ensuring that all of your employees select parts from the right sources or vendors, even if they’re scattered across the world is important for product quality and cost. Windchill Supplier Management allows designers to have immediate access to supply chain information when selecting their components. This means that they spend less time looking for parts and your company’s overall parts spend is reduced.


By automating key business processes in a virtual workspace, Windchill ProjectLink gives you team immediate access to specific products and project information. This information can be accessed from either side of your firewall in real-time and can be integrated with Creo and Windchill PDMLink, this means that your team will always have project visibility and project data will be kept in a centralised place.