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CAE Extensions for 3D design work

Creo 3D CAE Extensions provide design engineers with fully integrated simulations and evaluations tools. Arrive at the end-result even faster with the advanced verification processes of, allowing you to design with confidence.

Current 3D CAE Extensions for Creo Parametric:

  • Creo Simulation- Understand your design performance through virtual prototyping, without requiring a FEA-background.
  • Creo Advanced Simulation- Enhance your verification and validation process, by fully analysising your designs. All while reducing the need for physical prototypes.
  • Creo Behavioral Modeling- Improve and optimise your ability to embed real-world design requirements into your design model.
  • Creo Fatigue Advisor- Improve product reliability through simulating the full fatigue performance of designs.
  • Creo Mechanism Dynamics- Test and analyse the forces and accelerations in systems, without needing to wait for a physical prototype.
  • Creo Plastic Advisor- Analyse plastic part designs for their manufacturability, and uncover problems before tooling development. 
  • Creo Spark Analysis- Automate clearance and creepage analysis for 3D electromechanical designs, for product safety.
  • Creo Manikin Analysis- Evaluate your products against quantitative human factors.
  • Creo Tolerance Analysis- Powered by CETOL Technology, quickly and easily analyse geometric tolerance right onto a CAD model.

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