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3D CAD Modeling with Creo Flexible Modelling 

Increased flexibility, even for wide-scale modifications late in the design stage, and the ability to modify 3D CAD modeling data while in a parametric model is now an achievable possibility. 

The Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) allows Creo Parametric to become increasingly flexible for designing and accelerates the user’s ability to answer any difficulties in design. 

Now, it is not necessary to create a separate model, which can’t be modified without undermining the initial design constraints. With Creo FMX it it simple to choose and adapt a full range of design geometry, as well as other feature such as rounds and patterns. Plus, the full design intent is maintained.  Creo FMX optimises your time and decreases mistakes in 3D CAD modeling. 

Features & Benefits of 3D CAD modeling with Creo Flexible Modeling

  • Increase detailing in design through the ability to modify parametric design data quicker and with greater ease
  • Select geometry with ease, even on surfaces and objects
  • Quick geometry modification, which includes move, remove, attach, change, round, and more.
  • Exact control when modifying cylinders, cones, etc.
  • Concurrently adapt multiple entities

CAD Revolution