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Creo Simulate

Physical prototypes can be a costly process. But, by deploying Creo Simulate, it is possible for design engineers to completely test and analyse the strength of a design and use this information to optimise the final product. With Creo Simulate, you do not need to come from a FEA-background.


By being able to test your 3D virtual prototypes with Creo Simulate, you can test and analyse the structural and thermal parameters of your product design. Creo Simulate offers early insights into your designs. This means you can improve your design even before you have to commit to the expense of creating a physical prototype.

Features & Benefits of Creo Simulate

  • Complete CAE analytics- test linear static, modal, buckling, contact and steady state thermal
  • Gain insights through the performance statistics on the design geometry
  • Quick, automatic solution convergence, marked accurately to underpinning CAD geometry; 3rd party solver output
  • Improve your product design, by using the data from Creo Simulate to enhance your design
  • Decrease the expense of physical prototypes

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