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CAD case studies from customers

Did you know why CAD Designers love using our software? Read these CAD case studies and find out what our users have to say about their experiences.

We have asked our users why they like working with Pro/ENGINEER and how the software helps them fulfil their day-to-day job tasks, which we've then presented back to you in a range of CAD case studies.

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Gavin Burnham (Droitwich / UK)

"What I like most about Pro/ENGINEER is the speed with which changes can be implemented. We usually progress through several design iterations during a project until we hit sign-off, and with Pro/ENGINEER, this is as efficient as can be", reports Gavin Burnham, who works as Senior Design Engineer at Vax Ltd., the number 1 floorcare brand in the UK."

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CAD case studies

proe peter

Peter Lomas (Chester / UK)

Peter Lomas has been working with Pro/ENGINEER for almost 10 years now and he has been so impressed with the software that he has introduced it into two companies as he has progressed through his career. He says: “Since picking up Pro/ENGINEER, I haven’t used any other 3D CAD software – I simply haven’t felt the need, as Pro/ENGINEER does everything I need it to do as a Design Engineer, and a lot more on top!"

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George Donagher (Tullamore / Ireland)

George Donagher of Bord Na Móna PLC–the leading Irish producer of peat processing equipment, has more than 10 years of engineering experience. Having worked with other 3D CAD tools such as Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop earlier in his career, he turned to Pro/ENGINEER and has continued using it ever since, saying as part of these CAD case studies “I guess I am spoiled for any other 3D CAD products for the rest of my life", he says...
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proe paul

Paul Heatherington (Tullow / Ireland)

Paul Heatherington is Lead Designer atBurnside Autocyl, a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Tullow, Co. Carlow / Ireland. The company has implemented Pro/ENGINEER when making the move from 2D CAD to 3D CAD in 2005.

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James Lynch (Bray / Ireland)

"It doesn’t take long to become familiar with the software. 
Within a day or two you can begin to understand the process and build some models", reports James Lynch of Design Partners in Bray, Ireland. “But, of course, it’s not until you begin to explore Pro/ENGINEER in your day-to-day work that you realise you were only scratching the surface of what’s possible, and begin to exploit the full potential of the software. And, working in a design consultancy where everybody wants everything yesterday, you have to learn quickly – and Pro/ENGINEER allowed me to hit my deadlines right the first time.”
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proe allan


Allan Turtle (Abertillery / UK)

"In our business, speed is a decisive factor for success. Modeling in Pro/ENGINEER is very quick. For example, I have just completed a design for a new battery, and the entire design has taken me only three days!" Read on to learn how Allan Turtle benefits from using Pro/ENGINEER.
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Straight Talk from 3D CAD Users

“With the Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Extension, I was able to successfully complete a challenging student project: the design of a lightweight, eco-friendly vehicle.”
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proe straight talk



proe straight talk 2

Straight Talk from 3D CAD Users

“Considering the great modeling options, the user-friendly development, and management of assemblies and mechanisms – even of complex ones, I am every day more convinced that Pro/ENGINEER is the best tool for my job.”

Straight Talk from 3D CAD Users

“Pro/ENGINEER allows me to constantly improve my skills as a designer. It is almost like the software is one step ahead of me, anticipating what I need to do and helping to elaborate my designs.”
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Straight Talk from 3D CAD Users

“Pro/ENGINEER offers advanced functionality at a surprisingly low price.”
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Why I Choose Pro|ENGINEER Over SolidWorks

“With Pro/ENGINEER, there is no ‘functionality ceiling’–so I can truly be innovative and deliver better designs for my customers.”
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