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Take control when creating and updating your technical illustrations. When using Arbortext IsoDraw, you have access to a single tool, which will help you support your 2D and 3D illustration needs.

IsoDraw lets you draw illustrations from scratch and also use original 2D and 3D data from CAD systems to produce high-quality technical illustrations and intelligent graphics.

These can then be used to enhance you product literature, including assembly instructions, parts catalogues, manuals, training literature.

Also, using Arbortext IsoDraw means you can establish an associative link to real-time CAD data. This allows you to automate illustration and animation updates, when designs have been modified.

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Features & Benefits 

  • Enhance the productivity of illustration tasks and take away the need for engineering in illustration tasks
  • Increase your operator and service levels, with clear illustrations that display advanced procedures
  • Reduce and manage your publishing, translation and illustration budget
  • Make sure the most relevant technical illustrations are used, with the connection to real-time design data
  • Control and manage the illustration lifecycle with Windchill, updating illustrations and their use documents whenever any design changes are made