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Product Lifecycle Management

Companies have to overcome a wide range of challenged in their product design and development. Whether this is late-stage design changes, incompatible systems, compliance, they need a way to answer these. Alongside this, they increasingly have to operate on a global scale.


To become more competitive, companies are looking for a way to answer these challenges. Honeycomb Solutions, with PTC, is able to provide this for companies. 

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers the all of the important requirements that companies need to effectively manage all product data and enable collaboration from product inception through to product retirement. PLM is the key method through which companies can enhance their processes and improve their product value.

The benefits of Product Lifecycle Management:

  • It decreases time to market and improves support for your products.
  • It can help decrease the expense of creating and supporting new product. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, cost control is very important.
  • It offers clarity over all details of the product lifecycle. It gives you a clear view over what is happening. PLM provides the tools to improve product management. From accurate information, companies are able to make more informed decision.
  • It provides many options to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities. Different companies will use PLM in different ways. But, all of them will gain significant advantage from it. 

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