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PLM Value Roadmap

Recognise and Realise the Value of you Product Development

For many companies, connecting their strategy with operations remains a challenge. Because of this, many ideas are never able to develop and become great products. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Some manufacturers are now able to bridge this gap and have in place a system that ensures they continually make great products.


The PTC Value Roadmap Framework

The core aspect of the PTC Value Roadmap is the connection between your strategy and operation. 


  Strategy   Initiatives   Operations   Capabilities
  Value Opportunities > Business Initatives > Processes > Capabilities
For Example Grow market share with customer focused products   Improve the ability to collaborate with customers   Enhance the maturity of the detailed design process   Customer -accessible Web based collaboration sites with embedded product visualization

PTC has used research on these companies to put together the PTC Value Roadmap- a specialist tool, made to help companies discover and access the real value from their product development.

The PTC Value Roadmap assists the key players in your company to develop their strategies by connecting them directly to enhancements made in product development processes. Get in touch with us for your free Value Roadmap Consultation.

The PTC Value Roadmap draws on:

  • Analysis of over 900 companies from around the world
  • Over 40 interviews held with executives in top manufacturing companies.
  • Engagement with leading product development academics
  • Six-month study conducted with Boston Consulting Group
  • Interviews with PTC's internal Product Development Consulting experts

PTC Value Roadmap