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Product Lifecycle Management

PLM is at least as important as other company activities such as Material/Enterprise Resource Planning (MRP/ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However PLM differs from ERP, SCM, and CRM in that is focused on a company's products.

ERP, SCM and CRM bring visibility and efficiency to the ways that companies carry out everyday business. However none of them address the heart of the company, its defining resource, the source of its wealth and value - its products. This is the role of PLM and why PLM is so important.






There is little in a company more important than its products, and they way that they will be developed and used. Without those products, there will be no customers and no revenues.

Learn how the Product Development System (PDS), Concurrent Engineering PLM offering, is helping today's leading companies optimise their product development processes.