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Windchill Product Data Management

Product and process control

Hard-to-find, unreliable data hinders innovation and productivity. A single, trusted central data repository allows manufactures to expertly manage all forms of digital product development data – including mechanical, electrical, and software. Windchill PDMLink is this solution. Web-based for easy enterprise-wide access, this PDM system supports geographically dispersed teams while managing critical processes such as change/configuration management and release to manufacturing.


Features & Benefits

  • A Web-based master product data management repository, enabling global access to current, accurate information from myriad sources.
  • Seamlessly connects to multiple mechanical/electrical CAD applications, desktop applications and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
  • Prevents costly design errors by controlling and automating typically chaotic product change management processes.
  • Facilitates rapid development of new product configurations through reuse of previously designed product configurations.
  • Operates seamlessly with Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill ProjectLink for distributed, cross-enterprise collaboration on data acquisition and product information