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Collaborating with Customers and Suppliers

The demands on manufacturing businesses are more challenging than ever before. Customers have high expectations for manufacturing businesses to deliver on time with consistent product quality and pricing. In order to meet customer’s expectations for consistent and high quality products, manufacturing businesses need to focus on collaboration across project teams.


How SMBs Deliver Successful Products


Effective collaboration Tools and Practices for SMB organisations

Small and Medium businesses are facing pressures to meet the changing needs of their customers. “Aberdeen research suggests that a collaborative design effort that engages ‘outsiders’ as well as ‘insiders’ in the product development process can have a powerful impact on an organisation’s ability to develop and deliver successful products.”


Product Development for SMBs- Increase your collaboration

The pressures of globally distributed design teams and more stringent time, cost, regulatory and quality requirements continue to complicate the product development process. In order to succeed, SMB organisations need to collaborate across project teams more efficiently to bring the right products to the marketplace at the right time.

Product Development SMBs