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Increasing Virtual Prototypes

Manufacturers need to continuously test their new ideas in order to meet the requirements of even more demanding customers. However, physical testing can be costly and time consuming. The goal for any company is to reduce the number of physical prototypes while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Virtual prototypes not only reduce the use of physical testing saving time and money, it allows the manufacturers to increase the number of virtual tests.


How SMBs Deliver Successful Products

Save Time and Money by Reducing Physical Prototypes

Physical prototypes and testing add additional cost and consume valuable time during the design cycle. Often times, designs are too constrained late in the process to property address problems identified during testing. In today’s uncertain economic environment, you can’t afford to add additional time and cost to your development cycles.
This Aberdeen Report will provide you with best practices on how other Small and Medium Business are leveraging virtual prototypes to identify and troubleshoot performance issues early in the design cycles. 

Feature Article: Best Practices for Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic rendering solutions are more feature-filled and easier to use than ever. By following four best practices, engineers can use these applications to create more realistic images more quickly and further reduce the need for building physical prototypes.

Photorealistic Rendering