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Customer and Application Support

For Technical Support, please call 0845 026 2033 


Application Support - Telephone and Web

Honeycomb Solutions is able to offer its customers an application support agreement. With our “team of experts” we are able to access a valuable resource when solving any application issues. It makes sure you are able to make real productivity gains with your software and access its full potential.

With your application support agreement, you’ll be able to access telephone and web support.

Web Support

This option allows for contracted customer to have access to a dedicated website, through which they are able to:

  • Log Support Calls
  • Progress Support Call
  • View their Call History
  • Access a FAQ section specific to a call.
  • Read Industry NewsReceive Special Offers.

Want to see for yourself how our web support works? Follow this link: <web-support site>, using the username DEMO and password DEMO to gain access.

Telephone Support  

You can contact out support line Monday to Friday. There is also an answering service, so calls made at all other times are still recorded.

Do you have a problem with your software? Or, perhaps, you are trying a new function and need some support. Many support calls can be resolved straightaway. And, for more complex problems, we aim to get back within 2 hours. Also, in line with ISO9000, all of our support calls are logged and dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Our support team are all former engineers, who have extensive industry experience across a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and general production. When you call our support line, there is no jargon- we speak your language. 

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