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Working with the world's best product development/content management tools and services are just part of the roadmap to success. There is another equally essential element - a comprehensive support programme.

The Honeycomb Solutions support offering provides you with the Team, Technology & Tools to enhance and sustain your software investment.

To access the support portal, please visit:


Improve your efficiency with fast answers to your technical and software usage questions from Technical Phone Support - 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, in multiple languages. 

The technical support team of over 200 ISO 9000-certified engineers, utilising one worldwide database, offers timely and accurate resolution of your issues.


Maximise your software investment with support and new releases developed through PTC's quality commitment to CMMI, the only CAD vendor with this accreditation. 

Accelerate your performance by staying current with the latest releases of your software and taking advantage of new features and functions developed to help you be more productive.


Enhance your productivity with online Technical Support, Web-based "Tips & Techniques" sessions, and administrative tools - all from your own desk.

Exclusively for active support customers, you'll find the answers you need in our 25,000 document knowledgebase, sharpen your skills with live and recorded software productivity sessions. 

Active Support Customers

Orientation Presentations will help you leverage Support to maximise your software investment.

Live and Recorded presentations provide detailed instructions for accessing, utilising and benefiting from the support programme.


Support Package Features:

• 24 hour x 5 day Telephone Support (M - F)
• 2 hour response times (1 hour for Windchill products)
• Software fixes and automatic shipments of new releases

• Anytime access to web based support, learning tools, knowledge database
• Eligibility for discounted software upgrade packages
• Customer Configuration Profile Database
• Access to "Live" & recorded interactive Web Sessions

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