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Information Required for Licensing

Q: Where can a sales order number be found? 

A: The sales order number can be located on the shipment confirmation email or the shipment confirmation letter. The shipment confirmation email is sent to the purchasing agent once the order is booked, and the shipment confirmation letter is sent with the shipment of software.

Q: Where can a Customer Number Be found?

A: A customer number can be found directly under the company name and address in the first section of the license pack, or on the shipment confirmation email, or the shipment confirmation letter.

Q: Where can a Configuration ID be found?

A: A configuration ID can be found in the license summary table of the license pack. For more information regarding configuration IDs, click here.

Q: Where can a Service Contract Number be found?

A: A service contract number is located in the summary table of the license file, and is referenced as Contract. The service contract number should be prefixed with '2A' or '3A' . The service contract number is your maintenance entitlement ID.

Q: What is the difference between a Service Contract Number and a Configuration ID?

A: The introduction of License Simplification increases the customer's flexibility to configure their licenses while minimizing, or nullifying, the number of configuration IDs. In the past configuration IDs were used as maintenance entitlement, but with the decrease in the necessity for configuration IDs, service contracts have been introduced to make it easier for the customer to reference their maintenance entitlement for all products with one ID.

Determining the CPU ID

Q: What is a Triad?

A: A triad is a fault tolerant configuration that utilizes a set of three server machines to distribute a set of floating licenses to any hardware unit on its network.

Contacting License Management

Q: When should Technical Support be contacted as compared to License Management?

A: License Management should be contacted to obtain license code information necessary to install PTC products. For installation or technical issues with PTC software, please contact Technical Support.

Product Specific Information

Q: What is License Simplification?

A: PTC Customers have often commented on the complexity and regulations designed into PTC licensing. Our new License Simplification (LS) project aims to address this concern by simplifying the licensing for the Pro/ENGINEER MCAD products. Our objective focuses on improving customer satisfaction through easier license configuration, installation and tracking processes. Specifically, we plan to increase the customer's flexibility to configure their licenses while also minimizing the number of config IDs generated for a customer. All Pro/ENGINEER licenses and options can be combined onto a single Config ID and assigned through this one entity to the desired license server. As other products become available such as Pro/INTRALINK and Pro/MECHANICA, these can be added to this single config ID. Please review the FAQs and the Products Available for further details of this exciting change.

Q: What are the restrictions for licensing Pro/PDM?

A: Pro/PDM is only available as a floating license.It is not allowed to run in a triad (fault tolerant) server configuration. It can be installed on one of the three cpu ids of a triad (fault tolerant) server. Pro/PDM cannot run as a server on a Windows 95 or NT platform.

Q: Why is there a license pack with no license codes provided for Pro/PDM Toolkit?

A: Pro/PDM Toolkit does not require license codes to be installed. A license pack is provided in order to obtain a configuration id for use when communicating with customer support.

Q: What are the restrictions for licensing Pro/Model.View?

A: Licensing for release1.0 of Pro/Model.View consists of a registration key that can be found on the registration card shipped with Pro/Model.View. Release 1.0 of Pro/Model.View was only available as a locked license. Release 1.1 of Pro/Model.View is licensed with the FLEXlm license format. It is available as either a locked or floating license. It can be licensed without an ethernet address using a Disk Serial Id. This approach has been initiated for only the Pro/Model.View product, and enables customers using the Windows platform to use Pro/Model.View without an ethernet card. A Disk Serial Id number starts with a æD' (e.g. D-1234-5678).

Q: Are any products restricted to be either locked only or floating only?

A: These PTC products can only be installed as floating licenses:
This PTC product can only be obtained as a locked license:
Pro/Model.View 1.0