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Platform Support

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Support Policy Outline

PTC supply information concerning hardware configuration to assist customers in establishing appropriate configurations for the correct running of PTC software programmes. Precise details of any hardware configuration are reliant on the size and total number of models in a working session, as well as any additionally applications operating simultaneously. Considerations also need to be made for the overall size of legacy files, plus the exchange between overall responsiveness and costs.

Specifically, it is preferable for the main memory size to be larger than the minimum system requirements to enhance the performance.

This is particularly true of large-scale assemblies and parts construction, as exchanging space sizes larger than the minimum system requirements could be necessary for large-scale assemblies. Concerns should be addresses between the customer and their hardware supplier.


Certification of Hardware

Please note that PTC only certifies complete configurations, as supplied by a PTC enterprise platform partner. This process does not cover the certification of standalone graphics cards. A full certification is one in which PTC has completely tested the configuration, in line with the present release. 

Supported hardware systems

Supplying customers with all the advantages of the latest software technology means we have to continually improve on the products we provide. To obtain a “Supported” status, the configuration has to have been evaluated and verified by a previous software release. It is expected that the most recent releases will operate without any problems on this pre-existing configuration, but it should be noted that this has not be expressly tested.

PTC is now able to offer customers supported certification on two ensuing software releases, after the initial release by which they were certified. For example, customers who obtained a configuration certification for Creo 1.0 will be able to receive support for releases of Creo 2.0 as well as Creo 3.0, though they would have to be re-certified for Creo 4.0.

Note on graphics drivers

As a result of the improved graphics capabilities constantly being introduced alongside PTC products, it is vital that customer leverage the most recent graphics drivers, which are PTC certified or supported. This will maintain the best possible performance and usability of the software and supply customers with all the benefits from their hardware. Additionally, PTC acknowledges customers can take advantage by leveraging the most recent graphics driver, as well as the maximised performance and enhancements made by PTC’s Graphics Hardware Partners.

The most recent graphics drivers that have been certified can also be re-applied to earlier configuration certifications, so long as the configuration is for the same unit(s) of workstation and graphics hardware.

Please note that it is vital for all customers to obtain a PTC Certified/Supported driver from their workstation supplier. In cases where the listed graphics driver is not obtainable from your supplier, PTC advises implementing the most current driver obtainable for the graphics card (acquired through the supplier). If it is the case that there is more than one driver available for your current graphics card, then it is advised you leverage the most current driver. 

Available Technical Support

It is preferable for customer to run the most recent software releases on configurations with full-certification. Yet, PTC Technical Support will still supply help to customer who are using hardware which is not certified or supported in accordance with the guidelines.  


Notes on Operating Systems

Please note that while PTC releases are often usable on more than one specific platform, this is not always the case. In particular, support might not be available for the most current version of any OS release.

It is recommended that customers move to the most recent PTC-supported version of their OS, so that they are best able to benefit from the software technology. 

It should be noted that as PTC includes support for the most recent versions of an OS release, they will also reduce and eventually end support for legacy OS versions.


Restrictions on 32-bit Hardware

Please note that as a result of the memory limitation inherent in 32-bit platforms, it is no longer possible for PTC to provide technical support for 32-bit hardware when using Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 or Creo 1.0 in situations where the /3GB switch is utilized. In fact, any customer considering an upgrade to Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 or Creo 1.0 will have to consider whether their 32-bit hardware will be appropriate for their specific needs and should examine the possibility of changing to 64-bit hardware.