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Implement innovative technology to help increase product development efficient, decrease time to market and reduce costs. 

Get the technologies you need to increase value across the supply chain - for you, your partners and, most of all, your customers.


Augmented Reality

Easily share information with employees across your organisation

Improve knowledge transfer

Enable easy access to real-time expertise

Craft immersive experiences, to improve engagement with your products





Improve equipment uptime and lower service costs for customers

Connect your machines, devices, workers, facilities, and entire systems

Empower your teams with visibility to understand and act on data in real-time

Securely access, monitor and analyze data


Unify enterprise systems throughout the product development process

Break apart the organizational data silos across the value chain

Coordinate multi-system data to reduce time-to-market

Get the right data in the right way for engineering, factory, field, and more


Create, analyze, view, and share product designs downstream

Find out how your designs perform in a real-world scenario

Advance designs to ensure products run to spec and succeed in the market

Facilitate engineers to work together from anywhere, at any time

Groupe Beneteau: Driving Mass Personalization with Digital Thread

By using product lifecycle management (PLM) to create and orchestrate a digital thread, Beneteau is creating operational efficiencies and improving employee retention while building a foundation to launch augmented reality (AR) and IIoT use cases.

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