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Our partnership with Concurrent Engineering has helped us develop a unique approach to product design in our industry.

Danny Harrison

Business Development Manager


Nicklin Transit Packaging has a long and proud history. It's a fourth generation family run company, which was established in 1913.

But, as one of the leading providers of transit packaging products and services, they're continually looking for ways to evolve. Their strategy is clear: it's based building on their innovation, technology and design capabilities.

Nicklin uses PTC Creo for 2D CAD drawings, 3D parametric and direct modelling and simulation through FEA. They also use Mathcad for structural calculations and design optimisation calculations. They’re one of the first companies in the industry to use this approach in designing products.



Nicklin describes their industry as having "quite a low tech approach to product design", where it's not unheard of for a specification used to carry a product that weighs a tonne, to be used to carry another product that weighs a tonne.

Through FEA, Nicklin measures the amount of material used in packaging and product design. This approach has a cost benefit, an environmental benefit and a health and safety benefit.

Nicklin uses PTC Creo in close partnership with Concurrent Engineering. The training, mentoring and expertise from the Concurrent Engineering team has helped Nicklin to embed the software into their business and design process. 


Using simulation during concept design provides time to explore 30% more options


Using simulation during design can shave 10% off material costs


PTC Creo also enables Nicklin to design packaging directly around their customer's product.

If a customer supplies Nicklin with a CAD drawing of their product, Nicklin can model packaging around that drawing. Their approach, in terms of design and FEA, allows them to bring something innovative to the market. It's something not easily replicated by competitors and, ultimately, it gives their customers cost, environmental and safety benefits.

The partnership with Concurrent Engineering has helped develop a unique approach to product design and the relationship will continue into the future as Nicklin develop our offering.

We work in close partnership with Concurrent Engineering. Their training, mentoring and expertise have helped us embed the software into our business processes and design process.

Danny Harrison

Business Development Manager


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